Bill Warner Tribute and Update

A Very Sad Day in Motorsports: 
    The Land Speed Racing world was shocked at the untimely death of Bill Warner on July 14, 2013, as he was attempting to achieve 300 mph from a standing start in a 1 mile distance. Bill was already the 1st and only person to achieve a speed of over 300 mph on a traditional sit on motorcycle. In fact 311 mph was the speed he had set from a standing start on a 1.5 mile course.

Everyone involved in Land Speed Racing around the world new of Bill and his accomplishments. He was an innovator, a dreamer, a man with a passion. Bill set the example for us all. He was the true spirit of Land Speed Racing.

While being known as Mr. 311, Bill was as well-known for the person he was. He was always willing to help you out. He knew all of the racers and celebrated in each and everyone’s accomplishments. Bill wasn’t a bragger. He let his speed speak for itself. I don’t think I ever saw Bill mad. He was a true gentleman racer and an example for each and every one of us. His smile was one you will never forget. Bill’s spirit is alive in all of us and everyone that had the pleasure of meeting Bill walked away, truly a better person.

Land Speed Racing has lost a legend and there is a void in all of our hearts. More than that the world has lost a truly remarkable human being. I for one had the privilege of knowing Bill Warner. I remember my last conversation with him and will cherish that moment forever.

Bill was laid to rest Saturday July 20th in Little Falls, NY. It was a who’s who of Motorcycle land Speed Racing there to pay their last respects. Each of them had a story of how Bill had touched their lives. As it was stated, Bill made such an impact on us and the world by just being Bill. I know I will miss him every day, but I also know I am a stronger racer and a better person from knowing him. RIP Bill Warner, you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.

Our tribute to the greatest paved track Land Speed Motorcycle racer of all time, Mr.311, Bill Warner. It was an emotional day at Ohio when we brought this bike to the line. The bike performed flawlessly and I believe Bill would have been smiling. We miss you everyday, Bill.


    To honor the memory of Mr. 311, TLN Motorsports will attempt to set Land Speed Racing record number 311 in May of 2016 in the LTA Spring Event. The track at the former Loring Air Force Base is named 311 N. Bill Warner Blvd. What better place could there be to set record 311? TLN Motorsports campaigns multiple motorcycles including a 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R that is painted in the familiar blue and silver colors of Bill Warner and Wild Bros Racing.  Bill was such an inspiration to us all and even today his spirit is with each of us.  We think about things differently, look at huge goals and realize they are obtainable.  Bill showed us what it truly meant to sacrifice for your dreams.  We at TLN Motorsports would never be where we are without knowing Bill Warner.

    Rider, Greg Neal said “It is a no brainer. Having a chance to honor both a friend and the greatest of them all is very humbling, and we have to try to get it done”. He made it clear that record 250 had been about the team. “It was the goal the team chased for 8 years. 311 is about Bill, about honoring his memory. It is about making sure the new competitors coming into Land Speed Racing know of Bill Warner. Anyone who ever met him will always remember him. For TLN Motorsports, it is about celebrating Bill’s memory.

The TLN Motorsports 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R “Tribute to Bill Warner” bike.

World’s Fastest sit on Motorcycle Pilot Bill Warner at Loring.

    Bill Warner is missed everyday by so many. 311 Land Speed Racing Records for Mr. 311 is the challenge that TLN Motorsports has accepted. We are blessed to be at a point that we have a chance in May 2016 at the LTA Spring Event in Limestone, Me to honor Bill Warner by setting Land Speed Record number 311.


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