TLN Motorsports has set or reset 302 national land speed racing records since 2008. Join us in our quest to continue making land speed racing history.

TLN Motorsports began competition in land speed racing in 2007 and set the team's 1st record in April or 2008. We are a small family owned and operated team based out of Oxford, NC. We have achieved a huge amount of success campaigning four motorcycles, a 2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R, 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R, 2008 Kawasaki EX-250R, and a 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6rr. We are in four 200 mph clubs: the ECTA Maxton Mile, the ECTA Ohio Mile, the LTA 1 mile, and the LTA 1.5 mile. We are a 9 time ECTA Bike Shootout Class Champion.

  • Kevin Hunt and KWS Motorsports,, provide us the engines that make the needed horsepower to reach our goals.
  • Brock Davidson and Brock's Performance,, provide us with the best   aftermarket performance parts on the market and their association has allowed us to step our game up.        
  • CP-Carrillo,, continues to provide us with custom rods and pistons to meet our specific needs.
  • Web Camshafts,, grind our cams to custom specifications that help us increase rpm on the big end.
  • Val Dick and Energycoil,, provide us with the finest coils available.
  • Dave Conforti and Worldwide Bearings,, have given us the best ceramic bearings for the bikes transmission and wheels.
  • Chip Spaulding and Ballistic Performance,, supply our super light and powerful batteries.
  • Marine Crankshaft,, are the only ones we trust to handle our crankshaft needs.
  • Woolich Racing,, provides us with engine management capabilities, with the log box pro system.
  • Guy Caputo and Tiger Racing Products,, supplies us with aero front fenders.
  • Chris Brewer and Brewer Cycles,, take care of our OEM needs.
  • Vortex Racing,, supplies us with the sprockets that have driven us to all 302 of our records.

We have been called the hardest working team in Land Speed Racing.  We believe that hard work leads to huge success.

 2016 Season Schedule Loring Timing Association, Limestone, Maine May 6-8 July 13-17 September 2-4

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What the Future Holds at TLN Motorsports

The Kawasaki ZX-10R will be dramatically different when she returns to the race track. Development work continues on this project.
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