We have been supported by Brock’s Performance since 2012 and our program has been elevated to a new level with their support.  They are the only place to look for all of your performance needs and the only place you will find #Stupid Fast!!!

    KWS Motorsports has been our engine builder of choice and a part of TLN Motorsports since 2010.  We have seen huge gains in torque, horsepower and reliability over that time.  From KWS you not only see big numbers on the dyno, you see the results at the race track.


    Vortex Racing has been a part of TLN Motorsports from Day 1.  In 2007 they came aboard and every record we have set was driven by Vortex sprockets.  Sprockets, chain, rear sets, clip-ons, you name it.  Vortex Racing is the place to get them.

    Web Camshafts has been with us since 2010 and they are a huge part of our success.  Custom cam grinds to move torque around and gain more usable RPM on top has been a secret to our success.  Super people with super customer service make Web Camshafts the only ones we turn to.

    CP-Carrillo has been a part of the team since 2010.  All I can say is there is no one else in the business I trust more than CP-Carrillo.  Custom rods and pistons to fit our needs and the results, well they speak loudly.

    2015 was the first year we needed crankshaft work.  Marine Crankshaft came aboard and their work is flawless.  We are so thankful for their support in our efforts.  The crankshaft in the ZX-6R is bullet proof and we would never think of anyone else but Marine Crankshaft for our race bikes.

    In 2010 ,Worldwide Bearings started to support our racing efforts.  I am amazed each time I go to move one of our race bikes because of how easily they roll.  Simply the finest ceramic bearings you can find come from Worldwide Bearings.  I’ve been told by competitors our bikes seem to move themselves when you just touch them.

    Ballistic Performance offered support in 2011 with the lightest and most powerful batteries on the market.  Our racing is all about getting through the traps quickest and as light as you can be matters.  We measure speed to the .0001th and Ballistic has come through for us time after time.

    Energycoil offered support to us in 2015 and look at our success.  We put the coils in the two race bikes and had the most successful season in the history of TLN Motorsports, and even Land Speed Racing.  You have to get the Energycoil system for your vehicle to believe how well it works.

    2015 brought us support from Woolich Racing.  We used the Log Box Pro system on the ZX-6R and the results were so impressive.  She set 59 National Land Speed Racing Records; including 4 World’s Fastest Speeds.  First and only N/A 650cc class motorcycle over 190 mph in a standing mile and over 192 mph in a standing 1.5 mile.

    Tiger Racing Products offered support to us in 2013.  The Tiger Racing Aero Front Fender has been on the race bikes since then.  If the results do not convince you of its value, the smoke and numbers in the wind tunnel will.

In 2013, our association with Delaware Chassis Works began.  It has allowed us to explore opportunities that we could only think about.  Fabrication at its best is what you will get.

    Brewer Cycles has offered us support since 2010.  When we need OEM parts or it comes time to acquire a new race bike we turn to Brewer Cycles.  They have an excellent reputation and are simply the best dealer you can go to.

    Millennium Technologies joined the team in 2011.  They have taken care of cutting our heads and surfacing our cylinders since that time.  There is no one else out there we would turn to but Millennium Technologies.

    Petron Plus has been part of the program since 2013.  Their oil additives and lubricants are a large part of our success.  It’s reassuring to tear down an engine and see the internals look like brand new.

Fab-U-This Custom Fabrication

    While there has long been a standing offer of help, it was 2015 when Fab-U-This and TLN Motorsports started their real association.  Unbelievable fabrication work and repair is what you get.  The parts look to good to use.

    Magic Bullet Advanced Fuel Treatment became a supporter in 2013.  In a sport where you take gains anywhere you can find them, it is nice to have options available for your use.

    Raptor Performance became a sponsor in 2015.  The Raptor Performance shift light is an awesome addition and it has given us a reliable auto shift system for the ZX-6R.

    VP Racing Fuels have been the only fuel we have used in our race bikes since 2011.  The support of VP Racing Fuels is a key to our success.

Alisyn Synthetic Lubricants have been a supporter since 2011.  The less than zero weight oil is in all of our race bikes.

Blackstone Tek (BST)  Support from BST started in 2012.  The BST carbon fiber wheels on the ZX-10R have pushed that bike into four 200 MPH Clubs.

DW Photos  DW Photos is the official photographer of the ECTA and have been a supporter of our efforts since 2009.

The support and coverage we receive from started in 2012 and it has opened so many doors for our program.

    2016 is getting close and support from Riders Discount has allowed us to acquire a much needed new set of leathers.  It’s that kind of support that keeps our efforts alive.

    If you are interested in supporting our efforts for 2016 email us at or  we would love to discuss the possibilities with you.  2016 will be historic for TLN Motorsports and Land Speed Racing.
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