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TLN Motorsports has been a long time Kawasaki motorcycle racer.  300 of the teams 302 current Land Speed Records were set on a Kawasaki.  The remaining 2 records were both set on a BMW s1000RR.
TLN Motorsports currently campaigns 3 motorcycles. 2008 Kawasaki EX-250R 2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R The stable also consists of a 2006 ZX-6rr that is retired from racing.

2006 Kawasaki ZX-6rr (retired)

    It all started with a 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6rr and a goal. There was a 650cc class record in the ECTA on the Maxton Mile that had stood for quite a while. The record was set by Chip Ellis and all of the 650cc class racers thought it would continue to stand for a while. The speed was 178 mph and no one was even close to breaking it. 2008 was spent learning what it took to be fast in paved track Land Speed Racing and developing the ZX-6rr into what would become the most prolific 650cc class Land Speed motorcycle of all time.

    In April of 2009 the ZX-6rr was ready for some serious racing speed and became the 1st N/A 650cc Motorcycle over 180 mph in the Standing Mile with a pass of 180.038 mph breaking the long standing 178 mph record. That was World’s Fastest Speed #1. Two runs later TLN Motorsports bumped that speed up to 181.712 mph and the ZX-6rr was now the 1st over 181 mph setting World’s Fastest Speed #2 in the Standing start N/A 650cc Motorcycle Class. TLN Motorsports and Kawasaki dominance was just beginning.

    In July 2009 at the former Loring Air Force Base in the LTA sanctioned event the ZX-6rr set her 3rd World’s Fastest Speed with a 190.118 mph run on the 1.5 mile track. The bike was the World’s Fastest N/A 650cc class Motorcycle in the Standing 1.5 Mile with that run and at the time, the only 650cc class motorcycle over 190 mph in the standing 1.5 mile.

    In October of 2009 the ZX-6rr set the 4th World’s Fastest Speed in the N/A 650cc class on the Standing Mile at Maxton, NC with a speed of 184.161 mph. The bike was now World’s Fastest in both standing start lengths. TLN Motorsports was King of the Paved Track Standing Start Land Speed World.

    In September of 2010 The ZX-6rr once again set a World’s Fastest Speed at the Streetbike Shootout at Maxton, NC. A top speed of 182.095 mph in a street legal configuration established the N/A 650cc class Motorcycle Standing Start (street legal) World’s Fastest Speed #5.

    The team and the Kawasaki continued setting records and winning bike shootouts over the next few years. The team and the Kawasaki simply set the standard for the 650cc paved track Standing Start Land Speed Racing community for 8 years. The ZX-6rr has seen a lot of different configurations over the 8 years of racing. The bike was developed over years of trial and error. Reduction of weight and big HP for a 636cc motorcycle, along with aerodynamic advances are what has kept this motorcycle and TLN Motorsports on top over the years. Obviously the bike is still extremely strong and capable of still setting records. Unfortunately parts are few and far between with huge price tags. It was simply time to retire the 6rr.

World’s Fastest Speed #6 in Wilmington, Ohio on September 2014. N/A 650cc Standing Mile with a top speed of 186.772 mph.

World’s Fastest Speed #7 in Wilmington, Ohio on September 2014. N/A 650cc Standing Mile (Street Legal) with a top speed of 186.772 mph.

When the ZX-6rr was retired in 2014 she had an unbelievable resume.

  • 81 National Land Speed Records set.
  • 1st Standing Mile N/A 650cc Class Land Speed Motorcycle over 180 mph.
  • 1st Standing 1.5 Mile N/A 650cc Class Land Speed Motorcycle over 190 mph.
  • 5 time Street Bike Shootout Champion.
  • 7 World Record Speeds.

    It was time for the next 650cc class motorcycle to be added to the TLN Motorsports stable and the choice was the Kawasaki ZX-6R. Work began on the new bike in the fall of 2014. There were huge tracks to fill for the ZX-6R and there wasn’t a lot of time to develop the bike for the 2015 racing season.

2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R

    The ZX-6R made her debut on the Ohio Mile in style setting 6 Land Speed Racing Records in the May 2015 ECTA event and running a top speed of 186.0273 mph. It was some performance for the new bike, right out of the box.

    TLN Motorsports returned to Ohio in June 2015 and the Kawasaki ZX-6R picked up right where she left off. An additional 6 new Land Speed Racing records were set by the bike, including 3 World’s Fastest Speeds. The bikes 1st World fastest Speed was the teams 8th. The N/A 650cc Class Standing Mile World’s fastest Speed was first bumped up to 187.9699 mph, then to 188.2058 mph for World’s Fastest Speed #9. World’s Fastest Speed #10 came when the N/A 650cc Class Standing Mile Speed was bumped up to 190.2748 mph as the Kawasaki ZX-6R became the 1st and only N/A 650cc class Motorcycle to ever run 190 mph in a standing mile. TLN Motorsports and Kawasaki dominance was continuing with the new ZX-6R.

    July 2015 saw TLN Motorsports at the LTA event on the 1.5 mile racing facility in Limestone, Me. It was an unbelievably successful event for the team and the ZX-6R was a huge part of it. While the team set 61 Land Speed Racing records during the event, 31 of them set on the ZX-6R. During the event, the N/A 650cc class Motorcycle Standing 1.5 mile World’s Fastest Speed #11 was set with a pass of 192.1650 mph. The ZX-6R has taken over where the ZX-6rr left off and dominated the paved track Standing Start Land Speed World.  The bikes final total for the season was 59 National Land Speed Racing records set; including 4 World’s Fastest Speeds.

2008 Kawasaki EX-250R

    TLN Motorsports also campaigns a Kawasaki EX-250R.  The bike has been a very strong player for the team over the years setting 107 National Land Speed Racing Records.  The 250R has numerous passes at 112.5+mph and she is the most consistent motorcycle in the stable. 

    The little Ninja is a bracket racer setting record after record in the 107-109 mph range.  While the bike has seen many changes over the years for 2016 the motorcycle will be mostly unchanged except for a fresh engine and a spare power plant, if needed.  This bike will have a big load to pull for TLN Motorsports to reach the 2016 racing season goals.

2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R

    The Kawasaki ZX-10R has set 53 National Land Speed Racing Records and is in four 200 mph clubs.  The ZX-10R is also a 4 time ECTA Bike Shootout Class Champion.

    While known for revolutionizing the 650cc class TLN Motorsports and the ZX-10R have pushed the 1000cc standing start class to new levels.

    The ZX-10R has seen her share of configurations over the years and is currently undergoing a radical change for the future.  The aero body program is still in the works and each trip we make to the wind tunnel gives us valuable information needed to make this conversion in a safe and reliable manner.  It is just not something that can be rushed and with resources being used to continue competing each season it becomes an even more difficult transition.  Rest assured the ZX-10R will make a return to the race track.

    Outside of the Kawasaki Brand TLN Motorsports has set an additional 2 National Land Speed Racing Records.  Each was set on a BMW S1000RR, one at the LTA event in Limestone, Me and one at the ECTA event in Wilmington, Oh. 

    The first was on the Navarro Racing BMW owned by Ralphie Navarro in July 2013.  They were having difficulty getting the bike above 197-198 mph and on a shakedown pass we ran 202 mph setting a new record.  That was all the Navarro Racing Team needed as they took the bike back and have been strong players in Land Speed Racing ever since.

    The second was on the H&H Racing BMW S1000RR owned by Ransom Holebrook in September 2015.  The BMW was set up in Production configuration and the hope was for a 200 mph run.  Severe crosswinds quickly ended any thoughts of that type of speed and the best speed on the motorcycle was a record setting 193.0502 mph.  While it wasn’t the speed we wanted, for the conditions it was a strong run.

    Land Speed Racing will continue to look at TLN Motorsports and their stable of Kawasaki’s as second to none. The team will continue to make Land Speed Racing history and in 2016 there just may be a few surprises in store for everyone.

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